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At Excellent Medical you will have the best medical attention, with a humane and quality treatment and we always trying to help you continue enjoying your vacations.

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Free transport

We want to serve you in the best way, that’s why we offer you a completely free transport service.

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Our attention is personalized, with the lowest waiting times, without the need for an appointment and with a professional and close treatment.

Travel insurance

We assist you with most travel medical insurance, don’t worry, your price will not increase for using it.

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Find your nearest medical center

Golf del Sur

Centro Policlínico

Telephone: +34 922 73 75 60 / +34 644 53 99 35

Direction: Avda José Miguel Galván Bello, 10, 38639, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Medical Center

Telephone: +34 922 798 226 / +34 635 06 42 59

Direction: Av. Juan Carlos I, 38, 38650 Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Medical center

Telephone:  +34 922 712 055 / +34 654 318 919

Direction: C. Londres, 8, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Covid-19 tests

In all our centers you can perform your covid 19 tests such as the antigen test, PCR test and more, at the best price and with fast results from only 15 minutes, plus you will have the medical certificate stating that your test is negative. Also in our medical centers we do your blood tests if you need it.

The best medical care

Have you ever had a medical problem during your vacations? Go to one of our doctors located in different points of Tenerife South and we will give you an instant solution, avoiding at all times your hospitalization, so you can continue to enjoy your vacation, with the best doctors who will attend you in the best way and take care of you at all times.

Medical specialities

Excellent medical is a multidisciplinary center that focuses all its services in the care and attention of our patients, so we offer a wide variety of medical specialties with highly experienced medical specialists and with the best prices to solve all your pathologies and medical questions quickly and without major complications.

Our Services

Medical and Health Specialities

Consulta médica donde se atiende a una familia

General Surgery

Your private practice for maximum peace of mind. Priority and quality attention guaranteed.

examen dermatológico


We care about your skin, that’s why we carry out an exhaustive examination with the best techniques and professionals.

examen dermatológico


Your most intimate and personal health with the best professionals in the speciality of gynaecology.

dentista con una paciente


Tu servicio de odontología privado. Nuestros profesionales procuran que tengas la mejor sonrisa.

Yesterday, December 03, I presented myself with my grandmother and since I arrived at the reception, the attention was the best of the best, an exceptional human quality; The doctor who treated my grandmother was an excellent person. Grateful to this Medical Center.

Leonel Montoya

Great center that offers you an excellent service, very happy with the recent experience we had in radiology with Dr. Arsénio Cavada, I immediately detected that my mother had a ruptured tendon, we had been with social security for three months and they have not even opened the ready to know when it’s our turn, on top of that they have her on the rheumatology list instead of traumatology for when it’s our turn?

Alicia Barquero

Annual Card

You deserve quality medical-health care, without long waits and with  warm and close treatment

For only €120

For being a beneficiary of our Medical Card, your family and friends will get a €20 discount on obtaining their card